Online Application - Project
Category Description
This award is to recognise the importance of digitalisation within the construction industry and honour the achievements of the project team that have successfully digitalised one or multiple areas of the project through the application of different digital technologies.
Benefit realisation carries 40% of the total score. Therefore, please provide detailed descriptions of all tangible benefits demonstrated by the digital implementation such as time, efficiency, safety, quality and cost, etc., along with supportive evidence.
Entry Requirements
This award is open to all projects constructed/conducted in Hong Kong, including upstream, mid-stream or downstream, that have successfully incorporated/implemented digitalisation that is innovative, value enhancing and has a noteworthy return on investment.
The initiative (or a significant milestone of the initiative) should be 100% adopted and operational (i.e. not a trial) and should have been implemented within the 18 months leading up to the date of the application deadline.
The project itself does not have to be completed. What is required is evidence showing that the project is tackling the specific initiative in a new and innovative way and that its positive impact can be measured or quantified.
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